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A quiet day

Continuing warm in afternoon sunshine. 20 Degrees C reported from Herstmonceux today, this last day of October. A Light E or ESE breeze and some cloud.

North’s Seat – Barley Lane 6.50

Starling 70 N and Redpoll 3 N, otherwise birds about the fields and hedges with a count of 14 Blackbirds, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 Goldcrest, 7 Skylarks and a Stonechat which was repeatedly flycatching from it’s hedgerow perches.

East Hill Skylark 4 in, Goldfinch 28 E, Linnet 5 E 1 in, Chaffinch 4 in, Meadow pipit 6 E, Woodpigeon 6 in and Starling 5 E.



Passage today

9/8ths early on, with a light to fresh easterly today and clearing. Remaining mild and warm in afternoon sunlight.

East Hill Sharon.

5 Skylarks over.

St Leonards at 6.50 a flock of ten grey Geese came west above the prom at moderate height and in perfect vee formation, the birds evenly spaced and not jostling.Seen from the open window. They were sturdy-looking birds, well-proportioned with long wings and dark looking, heads pronounced and bills triangular, not long. Necks not narrowed on upper half. No sign of pale panels on wings. Voice heard and noted as ‘a deep, guttural nasal muttering.’

Goldfinch 110 E during the morning.

Galley Hill Steve

An adult Pomarine skua W quite close in at 8.02. Razorbill 1 on sea. Scoter 20 E, Brent goose 9E 1E. Mediterranean gull 1 E.

also Great black-backed gulls noticeable offshore, at least 80.


October 28th light WNW and mild.

Glyne Gap 7.40

Some passage noted mainly into wind with Redpoll 17, Siskin 1, Linnet 15, Pied wagtail 3, Chaffinch 9 and a Rock/Water pipit.

16 Robins, 2 Stonechats, 1 Yellow-browed warbler, 4 Chiffchaffs and a Swallow.


October 29th very poor visibility and quite dark until after 8.30.

West Hill – Mike. 5 Blackbirds and 3 Chiffchaffs.

Marina allotments midday. 13 Blackbirds

South Saxons 12.45 21 Blackbirds.

Summerfields 13.45 3 Blackbirds and a Chiffchaff.


Thick fog early cleared except over the sea horizon. A light WSW breeze and sunny spells.

East Hill 8.50 – 10.25

Birds passing westwards;- Woodpigeon 26, Linnet 46, Chaffinch 5, Redpoll 14, Greenfinch 7, Goldfinch 10 and Meadow pipit 22. Also 29 Starlings in and a Swallow E.

3 Chiffchaffs, 1 Goldcrest and 6 Blackbirds.

A flock of 30 Starlings was seen coming in at Marina at midday.


Combe Haven Countryside Park – Steve

Passage, often NW, of;- Skylark 35, Brambling 2, Redpoll 20, Woodpigeon 20, Siskin 12, Song thrush 20 and Redwing 2.

3 Water rails, 1 Jack snipe, 20 Stonechats, 35 Blackbirds and 15 Chiffchaffs. 2 Yellow-browed warblers present.


North’s Seat – Barley Lane – East Hill 8.30 light SSW 9/8ths becoming 4/8ths and warm.

Very little visible migration over the high ground at mid-morning. Thrushes continuing to pass through;-

Blackbird 28 including f5 NW, Song thrush 8 in and 2 E, Linnet 6 W, Chaffinch 2 W, Goldfinch 17 E, Pied wagtail 5 E.

1 Stonechat, 1 Chiffchaff and 4 Goldcrests.

West Hill

1 Goldcrest and 2 Chiffchaffs.


Recent notes

October 24th

North’s Seat  Barley Lane 7.30 9/8ths very dark, fresh E f5

17 Blackbirds, 18 Robins, 5 Chiffchaffs and 3 Goldcrests.

A light passage of 120 Starlings, 13 Fieldfares , 9 Redwings and 5 Stock doves.

Coastguard Lane – Warren Glen – Mike

A Common whitethroat and 40 Blackbirds recorded.

October 25th

St Leonards – Galley Hill – Pebsham Joe Dickens located and identified two Yellow-browed warblers in different parts of the  marsh. I saw one of them well and that there were two birds was confirmed by one observer calling the other by mobile phone when a Yellow-browed warbler was present beside each observer.

18 Blackbirds, 6 Goldcrests, 12 Chiffchaffs, and 5 Stonechats.

Goldfinch 440 E.


Passage today

Bulverhythe Beach to Galley Hill 7.40 A fresh ENE wind and low hazy cloud with some sunshine.

A passage along the coast into the wind of Goldfinch 442, Linnet 45, Greenfinch 8, Siskin 8, Chaffinch 10, Reed bunting 1, Pied wagtail 21, Grey wagtail 6, Meadow pipit 7 and Swallow 9.

1 Stonechat and 2 Chiffchaffs.


Coastguard Lane – Barley Lane – East Hill 8.05

Nf5 cold 2/8th but warming up in shelter. Bright with haze.

Some passage in against the strong breeze;- Siskin 1, Chaffinch 6, Linnet 55, Skylark 12, Starling 213, Mistle thrush 1, Song thrush 2, Stock dove 2, Meadow pipit 4, Jackdaw 12 W and Pied wagtail 5.

53 Blackbirds, 27 Robins, 6 Reed buntings and 5 Chiffchaffs.

Line astern


The Russian Battlecruiser Peter The Great was amongst four warships seen together from my window today.

At long range

Cold Northerly 3/8ths brightening and dry.

North’s Seat  Barley Lane 7.35

10 Blackbirds, 1 Chiffchaff. Fieldfare 4 N, Redwing 8 in, Song thrush 2 in, Skylark f9 N, Reed bunting 3 N, Chaffinch 3 N, Pied wagtail 2 in, Meadow pipit 4 in and Goldfinch 6 W.

East Hill 8.35

At 9.40 an odd, long-tailed bird seen distantly through binoculars flying SW above the harbour. Cold grey and dark colouring with striking white wing marking. Flight bursts of whirring and shallow undulations. Thought at first to be a Shrike but then perhaps a Snow bunting with white secondaries… ! The proportions of tail to wings suggest this could have been a GG shrike and I spoke to Dave Walker at Dungeness as one had been reported there briefly earlier in the morning. The bird was heading towards Beachy Head. Frustrating distant views as I was away from the clifftop.

Skylark 8 in, Chaffinch 50 in, Rook 1 W, Jackdaw 16 W, Starling 114 in or W, Goldfinch 44 E 2 W, Woodpigeon 4 W, Stock dove 4 E, Reed bunting 1 W, Goldfinch 44 E 2 W, Rock pipit 1 W, Meadow pipit 18 W 1 E and Blackbird 2 and 2 in.