Old Roar

A walk in Alexandra park today. At 11.30 and a white hoar frost and ice in shaded places and a cold northerly wind in a bright sky. A dozen Redwings could be seen flitting through the crowns of Oaks and other trees at the town end, again it became apparent that the centre of acivity was several tall Hollies along the upper verge. Walking further up did not produce any other concentrations, although a brilliantly sunlit Firecrest in a glade stole the show. I decided to go up through Old Roar, what is known as Silverhill Park with large gardens and what in the 1970s was farmland with some luxuriant hedges and wetland habitat as well as fields. The footpaths remain between the new housing developments, small ghyll features have been retained and fenced off with natural wooden posts and rails. As well as the garden trees and shrubs of the older large houses there are still mature oaks along footways and roadsides. Small areas of woodland also survive here and there. The network of quieter roads with the complement of footpaths means that an interesting walk can be devised.

At one of the pathside features, a wooded clay ponded gully fenced off beside bramble hedging and garden backs I heard a striking call that made me wait some while. It sounded like an ‘eastern’ Chiffchaff. But no sighting and after a few minutes I felt I had to press on. The path there is beside Barrow Rise at TQ803121.

Returning home a dozen Redwings flew over the house and 2 Buzzards flew NW together, presumably to roost.

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