Yesterday occasional small flocks of Redwings were passing in a northeasterly direction over the house, seeming to come from Alexandra Park and heading towards Ore Valley. I wondered if they were birds returning northwards after the recent thaw. It would be a sensible strategy for them to remain as far north as possible through the winter, making the most efficient use of food resources and saving the southernmost supplies for any deepening of the winter later on. There are certainly quite a few ornamental Hollies in the town that are festooned with fruits.

With regard to the Ore Valley I should look to see if the old mature Hawthorns there are being visited by winter thrushes.

Today on the Barley fields and good numbers of birds, certainly an increase in Song Thrushes in the field edges. However, there were also several small flocks of Fieldfares which passed through westwards, the birds appearing quite tired. Fieldfare rarely comes into Hastings in winter unless there has been snow or they have sensed that snow is on the way.

Among the field birds Skylarks and Reed Buntings in very good numbers, fifty or so of each noted today. Snipe have increased with 33 in one of the fields.



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