A flock of thirty-five Fieldfares in the tree avenue at upper Barley Lane yesterday, the thrushes surprised and flying out eastwards over the field. Had they just arrived from the Continent, or were they on their way back after the easing of the cold spell? Redwings continue to be loyal to their trees, nine haunting a solitary Holly near St Helens today.

A huge flock of Cormorants, 150 or so, passed southwestwards over the town this morning. Cormorants along the Kent and Essex coast are reported to be changing their fishing routines, flock movements and behaviour and this arrival may be associated.

Otherwise a single Hawfinch on the Ridge today where two Great Spotted Woodpeckers were chasing. Robins and Great tits in song.

A dozen species of wild flower noted in blossom recently including Red Dead-Nettle, Chickweed, Groundsel and Common Field Speedwell in the fields and Hogweed, Red Valerian, Bristly Ox-tongue, Smooth Sow Thistle and Nipplewort along waysides and hedges.

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