The forecast tells that winter is preparing a final throw of the dice, but already winter flocks in the fields are melting away under the influence of warm and longer sunshine, especially the Skylarks some of which have been singing for the last couple of weeks, today one or two in continuous full song. The larks have become especially apparent as pairs and singletons in those fields which are very grassy but which have fewer arable plants. In the more arable fields there have also been singles and pairs but also larger parties. In any event, the arable wild plants have been growing despite the frosts. Sheep are grazing the easternmost field now.

Reed Buntings were over a hundred last week and remain in good numbers although some appear to have left their wintering ground here. Snipe too are still in the fields though in smaller numbers. Yellowhammers are visiting nesting areas in ditched hedgerows. Rooks have had a marvellous winter here with up to a hundred.

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