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Marina note

Marina 9.30-12.10 SE breeze 8/8ths becoming 9/8ths and heavy cold rain setting in.

Passage up-Channel noted of;- Common scoter 213, Shoveler 2, Shelduck 2, Brent goose 8, Gannet 22, Sandwich tern 51, Common gull 11, Great black-backed gull 2, Black-headed gull 6, Mediterranean gull 2, Oystercatcher 3 and Red-throated diver 1.



Cold NNE breeze overcast and dry.

Some landbird passage eastwards recorded at Hastings through the day;- Chaffinch 330, Great tit 2, Bluetit 1, Rook 1 and Woodpigeon 7. One or two Chiffchaffs at West Hill.

Sea surface temperature at 7 Celsius this month is a good degree colder than this time last year. Willow catkins are very late.



A cold WNW breeze tempered by sunny spells. At West Hill two Black Redstarts, an adult male and an immature or female, searching for insects along the cliff face for a while.

A flock of 45 Brent geese passed eastwards off the harbour. At Fairlight there was little sign of spring migration save a small band of Meadow Pipits in one of the fields. At least two pairs are already nesting nearby.

Recent notes

Yesterday overcast with a cold Northerly wind. On the fields Skylarks and Yellowhammers were still present in flocks. Stock Doves were in pairs feeding on the grazed, pock-marked, watery and partly iced-over fields along with Jackdaws, Crows and Rooks. A Buzzard flew over carrying what looked like a vole, a rodent that usually becomes active at this time in the spring.

Today welcome sunshine, but a cold breeze and cloud reasserting a wintry feel. At West Hill a single Fieldfare dropped into trees and three Jackdaws and a Buzzard flew NW.

At Fairlight later in the morning 25 Snipe could be seen feeding avidly in an area of close-cropped sward near the lane. I wondered if they were recently arrived migrants rather than locally wintering birds. The coastal fringe seemed to have few small birds and there was little sign of passage except a Rook flying north. Signs of late winter stress and shortage

included a male peregrine attacking another male, and at Ore a male Sparrowhawk chasing another male. Two Crows were taking risks with the traffic as they fed on the remains of a freshly killed Fox on the Old London Road.

Black velvet band

The West Hill devoid of birdlife this morning, a bitter ene wind carrying flurries of snow and the temperature just on freezing.

Off the Marina later a party of three Velvet Scoters were riding the battleship grey sea, a drake and two ducks. A Curlew passed east along with singles of Common Scoter, Common and Black-headed Gull, two Great Black-backed Gulls and a pair of adult ‘fuscus’ or ‘intermedius’ Lesser Black-backed gulls which were seen again, settled on the water beyond Goat Ledge.

Marina note

108_1165.JPGThe indomitable spirit and strength of nature evinced in the Brent Geese flying swiftly up-Channel into a freezing Northeasterly and snow this morning.

Marina and Pier 8-12.50 Cold ENE gusting wind 7/8ths. Light snow setting in. Passage up-Channel of;-

Brent Goose 1,470, Pintail 3, Gadwall 2, Teal 81, Shoveler 8, Eider 2 drakes, Scoter 18, Shelduck 5, Red-throated Diver 3, Great-crested Grebe 10, Fulmar 3, Cormorant 2, Common Gull 13, Black-headed Gull 7, Lesser Black-backed Gull 3, Herring Gull 96, Great Black-backed Gull 6, Sandwich Tern 6, Avocet 1, Bar-tailed Godwit 2, Dunlin 14, Oystercatcher 1 and Grey Plover 3.

A single Meadow Pipit came in.


An adult Little Gull off the Marina this morning.

Marina/Pier 9.45-11.25 SWf4 5/ths.

Some passage up-Channel often of gulls passing some way offshore;-

Black-headed Gull 47, Common Gull 71, Great Black-backed Gull 2, Lesser Black-backed Gull 1, Herring Gull 50, Brent Goose 25 and Red-throated Diver 3.

Marina note

Overcast with a light southerly, sunny spells later.

Marina-Bulverhythe 9.30-11.10 a light easterly passage of;-

Brent Goose 340, Sandwich Tern 1, Common Gull 4, Lesser Black-backed Gull 6, Great Black-backed Gull 1, Black-headed Gull 1 and Mediterranean Gull 2.

Marina note

A fresh SSE breeze, feeling very cold despite the hazy sunshine.

Marina 7.15-11.30

Eastwards passage of;- Brent Goose 615, Shelduck 1, Pintail 2, Scoter 2, Common Gull 168, Black-headed Gull 15, Mediterranean Gull 9, Great Black-backed Gull 2 and Red-throated Diver 1.


Warm in the sun but a chilly NW breeze noticeable with cloud. Some landbirds passing ENE over the high ground of Hastings Country park this morning. 660 Starlings in flocks all following the same course. Otherwise six Carrion Crows, ten Woodpigeons and a Stock dove following the same flightline. Resident birds in song and two Linnets at North’s Seat. Buzzards were frequent and perhaps as many as twenty individuals, including three together over Ore.