Recent notes

A cold wind reasserted itself – at first there was some warm sunshine but then becoming overcast with an easterly flow going north.

A first swift appeared over the street on the evening of the 27th and the following day there were four birds racing about over the rooftops. A first House martin was also noted, speeding northwards.

Today no less than eight Wheatears up on the fields. They appeared quite tired and subdued and were ‘British’ rather than ‘Greenland’ birds, five females and three males. I surmise that many of these birds were held up by cold weather in Europe and North Africa earlier in the spring and their delay was then compounded by having to use their reserves of migratory fat during the poor weather and thereafter accumulate additional reserves of energy before being able continue their migrations.

I heard Cuckoo calling clearly for the first time from the sheltered woodland towards Fairlight Hall.

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