St Marks and others

The St Marks flies have had a tremendous season. At North’s Seat there was another emergence today of hundreds around Oak saplings near Mill Lane. At Barley Lane adult Starlings were cramming beakfuls of the flies from Hawthorn blossom. Bibio marci was certainly in large numbers last week although other species in the Family are also swarming. Starlings have been foraging in the pastures for the pupae of these and of other insects such as Craneflies and then hurrying back towards their nests, often within urban areas away from the fields.

Little sign of further bird arrivals, although House martin and Swallow numbers locally have improved and a dozen Swifts from the window yesterday evening, all local nesting birds.


Cantharis decipiens Hastings May 2018


Gymnochaeta viridis Hastings May 2018

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