Alder Woodwasp

108_1223.JPGWalking along the prom today spotted an adult Kittiwake passing eastwards close inshore. I went on the Pier but did not see any other sign of migrating birds. However as I was leaving I saw an unfamiliar insect on the deck and managed to get some pictures (above). It reminded me very much of a Nyssonine wasp but I noticed the awl-like ovipositor and antennae of a Sawfly. From the information available online I was confidently able to identify it as Xiphydria camelus. A female, a hymenopteran known as the Alder Wood-wasp.

After my recent sombre post about Swifts I must report that numbers have now built up to 30 from the window. I hope this is the beginning of a resurgence here.

Another recent sighting from the window was of a pair of Little egrets migrating eastwards, flying very low, perhaps because of showery rain in the strong ne breeze that day. Also a young male Peregrine ‘bouncing’ a hapless Buzzard that came over the Town.


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