On Saturday 7th a walk along part of Pevensey Bay. Already summer hay meadows have been cut. There remains a good deal of water in the ditches despite the long dry spell. Along the waysides and grassy fields remaining the Marbled White butterfly was frequent, here as further inland it seems to refer dry neutral grasslands with big patches of Upright Hedge-parsley Torilis japonica. This umbellifer is shown to be throughout Sussex in the new Plant Atlas, although there is a small gap in distribution aligned with the Pevensey Levels proper.

A Wool Carder Bee Anthidium manicatum was watched visiting the flowers of a long-leaved ditchside mint. I identified this as one of the Mentha mints but have edited this post now as it has been identified as Marsh Woundwort, Stachys palustris. Many thanks Tim!

The lanceolate leaves and long whorls of colourful blossoms make for a distinctive and attractive labiate.

Adult males of the Ruddy Darter were patrolling the hedges and I photographed the soldierfly Oplodontha viridula.


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