Waiting for the bus at Guestling today I heard a once-familiar chirrup and saw several House Martins fly over the Winchelsea Road. They seem to be absent at Hillcrest this year and the big puddles along Mill Lane have been as dry as dust.

The town Swifts have put in a good season and are constantly practising their formation flying, preparing for the journey to Africa after this outstanding summer we are having.

Today a Silver-washed Fritillary constantly circling the ground and moss on a tree stump, perhaps woodland becoming arid again in the hot sun after a recent day of light rain. The Sarcophagid fly Nyctia halterata was out, it’s boggy territory quite depleted by the lack of rain. A White Admiral was another welcome sight. Along a woodland track the robberfly Machimus atricapillus perched in dappled shade. (originally I identified this as another species, corrected by Martin Harvey).


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