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Passage note

Mainly insectivorous birds continue to pass through. Weather a variable light easterly breeze and often clear.

Pebsham Marsh-Bulverhythe SR Swallow three and 36 E. Six Chiffchaffs, a Willow warbler and Sedge warbler, two Lesser whitethroats and six Reed warblers. A Tree pipit W.

North’s Seat/Coastguards/Barley AG 20 Whitethroats, three Blackcaps, a Garden warbler and Lesser whitethroat.  Seven Willow warblers, one Chiffchaff, eight Robins, four Spotted flycatchers, two Wheatears and six Redstarts. A light passage of hirundines E or SE with four Sand martins and 52 Swallows counted, also 200 Linnets including a noticeable eastwards arrival.


Passage note

Variable breeze and cloud.

Combe Haven Countryside Park SR A Green sandpiper and Teal. Nine Blackcaps, 26 Chiffchaffs, 8 Willow warblers, 26 Whitethroats, eleven Lesser whitethroats, a Grasshopper warbler, fourteen Reed warblers and eight Sedge warblers. Six Yellow wagtails, four Whinchats, nine Swallows and two Spotted flycatchers.

Hastings AG no passage observed at Summerfields and Thorpe’s Wood but five or more Common buzzards over the town at midday.


Rain all morning on a n/nw wind, then clearing for the afternoon.

Combe Haven Country Park SR a good fall of migrants during prolonged rain from early morning;- a Great white egret, three Greenshanks, one Common sandpiper, five Green sandpipers, two Snipe and a Dabchick. A Wryneck, seventeen Whinchats, a Wheatear, eighteen Common whitethroats and four Lesser whitethroats, 28 Blackcaps, 32 Sedge warblers and two Grasshopper warblers. Eleven Reed warblers, ten Chiffchaffs, eighteen Willow warblers, two Grey wagtails, a dozen Swallows and eight Sand martins. A single Yellow wagtail E later in the day.

North’s Seat/Barley Lane afternoon AG three Redstarts, three Willow warblers, five Whitethroats, three Blackcaps, four Sand martins, seven House martins, 25 Swallows and a Robin.

Passage today

Combe Haven Country Park SR CHD 24 Gadwall,  six Teal, a Green sandpiper, two Little ringed Plovers, one Grey wagtail and one W at height, three Yellow wagtails, eleven Swallows, a Grasshopper warbler, eleven Reed warblers, thirteen Sedge warblers, 21 Whitethroats and nine Lesser whitethroats, fifteen Chiffchaffs, twelve Willow warblers and six Whinchats.

North’s Seat-Coastguards-Barley Lane AG 41 House martins, 50 Sand martins, nine Swallows and five Swifts. 25 Whitethroats, eight Lesser whitethroats, two Garden warblers and five Blackcaps. Thirteen Willow warblers and singles of Reed warbler, Great spotted woodpecker and Whinchat.

Passage notes

August 26th

Fairlight cliff AP Yellow wagtail 3 over.

Hastings AG A juvenile Marsh harrier W over the town at 10am, before the arrival of rain on a SW/S wind that lasted to the evening.

August 27th

Combe Haven Countryside Park SR Ten Teal, one Green sandpiper, one Common sandpiper, 25 Whitethroats, three Lesser whitethroats, five Willow warblers, 24 Sand martins, ten Swallows,  five Yellow wagtails, six Sedge warblers, six Whinchats. A juvenile Marsh harrier E.

North’s Seat to Coastguards AG One Redstart, two Wheatears, two Reed warblers, nineteen Whitethroats, six Lesser whitethroats, four Blackcaps, three Willow warblers and six Robins.


Passage note

A light NW breeze, clear and below 7 C early on, the overnight weather conducive to further migration after the clearance of another Low Pressure system. Breeze and cloud picking up again later in the day.

North’s Seat to Covehurst two Tree pipits, four Blackcaps, four Lesser whitethroats,  two Redstarts, ten Willow warblers, eighteen Whitethroats, one Spotted flycatcher, two Yellow wagtails, seven Wheatears, 28 House martins, three Sand martins, eight Swallows and a Swift. Great spotted woodpecker 1 flew steadily W at height over North’s Seat.


Combe Haven Country Park SR 31 Whitethroats, six Lesser whitethroats, ten Blackcaps, 32 Willow warblers, fourteen Sedge warblers, four Tree pipits, 20 Yellow wagtails and six W, eight Whinchats, five Wheatears, 42 Swallows, 30 House martins, fifteen Sand martins, one Swift, two Green sandpipers and a Common sandpiper.

Passage note

A cool and clear morning with a light nw wind. The breeze picked up later in the day preceding the arrival of a Low Pressure system. From North’s Seat to Coastguards and Covehurst the following were noted;- singles of Spotted flycatcher, Whinchat and Great spotted woodpecker, eighteen Wheatears, three Redstarts, fifteen Swallows, four Garden warblers, thirty-five Whitethroats, three Lesser whitethroats, five Robins, six Willow warblers, one Blackcap and one Chiffchaff. A flock of five Sand martins passed westwards.


Late summer

On the 21st I was surprised by a Raven feeding nonchalantly in one of the crop fields as I walked past. Few migrant birds have been noted; some on the 22nd were two Whinchats near a wheatfield, six Whitethroats and a Willow warbler. on 21st at Combe Haven Country Park SR a Green sandpiper and two […]

Passage notes


August 18th Combe Haven CP SR. six Whitethroats, two Lesser whitethroats, 35 Sedge warblers, one Snipe and two Green sandpipers. Yellow wagtail 3 W.

August 20th Combe Haven CP SR. eight Lesser whitethroats, ten Sedge warblers, six Willow warblers, one Tree pipit, five Swifts, two Sand martins and 25 Swallows. Yellow wagtail 7 W.

North’s Seat/Barley Lane AG. three Willow warblers, three Whitethroats, two Swifts, singles of Spotted flycatcher and Wheatear and two Whinchats.


August 15th Glyne Gap SR a Common sandpiper, also a Willow warbler on beach rocks.

August 16th Hastings beach MG a party of three Little egrets flew in off the sea.

August 17th

After some hefty showers and rain yesterday a clear night with a light NW flow and this morning at North’s Seat to Coastguards and Barley Lane arrivals were evident with five Whinchats, six Wheatears, a Reed warbler, fifteen Willow warblers, 18 Whitethroats, a Lesser whitethroat, five Swifts and 17 Swallows recorded. A Great spotted woodpecker flying strongly NW over Coastguards may have been on passage.

Combe Haven Country park south area SR a Turtle dove, a juvenile Cuckoo, 12 Whitethroats, one Sedge warbler, eight Willow warblers, one Lesser whitethroat and two Swifts. Yellow wagtail 1 W.