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Passage notes

NWf2 1/8th.

Fairlight cliff 6.45-8.20 AP Four Chiffchaffs. Swallow 52 W, House martin 145 E, Meadow pipit 51 in, Pied wagtail 17 E, Yellow wagtail 2 in, Siskin 35 E, Goldfinch 22 E and Reed bunting 7 in. Also Skylark 2 E at 9.20.

Combe Haven Country Park 6.55-10 SR A Cattle egret. 18 Chiffchaffs, eleven Blackcaps, eleven House martins, three Grey wagtails and singles of Willow warbler, Sedge warbler, Reed warbler, Song thrush and Stonechat. Red Kite 1 E and Golden plover 1 N. Yellow wagtail 1 W, Meadow pipit 54 W, Swallow 14 E, Rook 3 W and Siskin 22 NE.

West Hill 6.30-9.05 AG Four Chiffchaffs and a Wheatear. Pied wagtail 36 E and 1 in, Reed bunting 3 in/W, Linnet 12 in/W, Jackdaw 16 W, Meadow pipit 20 in/W and 9 E, Swallow 35 in/W and House martin 9 in.




NE f3 4/8ths.

Fairlight cliff 6.45-8.30 AP Two Chiffchaffs. singles of Ringed plover, Grey plover and Golden plover W. Meadow pipit 45 in/E, Siskin 11 W, Pied wagtail 13 W and Reed bunting 5 in.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR 25 House martins and 40 Swallows. A Snipe, 18 Chiffchaffs, two Blackcaps and two Stonechats. Golden plover 1 N, Skylark 3 W, Meadow pipit 14 W, Pied wagtail 6 W, Siskin 30 W, Rook 3 W and Yellow wagtail 1 W.

West Hill 6.40 AG One Chiffchaff.

St Helens Down 7.45 AG Eleven Chiffchaffs and five Blackcaps. Rook 2 SW.


NNE breeze strengthening, mainly sunny.

Fairlight cliff 6.30-8.05 AP Passage in of Meadow pipit 35, Reed bunting 4 and Swallow 7. Passage E of Pied wagtail 12, Siskin 21 and Grey wagtail 4. Yellow wagtail 1 W.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR A Little grebe and Cattle egret. 19 Chiffchaffs, three Blackcaps, three Grey wagtails, 31 Meadow pipits, fifteen Swallows, eleven Stonechats and singles of Willow warbler and Wheatear.

West Hill 8.05 AG Nine Chiffchaffs.

North’s Seat-Barley 9 AG Twelve Chiffchaffs, two Blackcaps and fifteen Swallows. Chaffinch 3 N.

Passage notes


Additional note for 26th;- Fairlight Cliff 10.30 AP A Hobby. Skylark 1 E.

September 27th

A cold early morning, -2 C in the Combe Haven. Becoming very warm. Bright with variable breeze.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR Seven Shovelers, nine Gadwall, 300 House martins, 42 Chiffchaffs, 24 Stonechats, 28 Meadow pipits, six Grey wagtails and singles of Ring ousel, Grasshopper warbler, Whinchat and Yellow wagtail. Pied wagtail 4 W, Siskin 8 NW and Swallow 60 W.

North’s Seat 7.40 AG 42 Chiffchaffs, one Coal tit, five Blackcaps, three Spotted flycatchers, two Stonechats, 160 House martins and 60 Swallows.

Coastguards-Barley 8.55 AG 17 Chiffchaffs, twelve Blackcaps, six Robins, eleven Stonechats, 75 Linnets, 270 Swallows, 220 House martins, four Sand martins and twelve Meadow pipits. Jay 3 E and Chaffinch 4 N.



Passage notes

A chilly night then warm and bright with variable breeze.

Fairlight cliff 6.20-8.35 AP Four Chiffchaffs, two Goldcrests, two Coal tits and singles of Blackcap, Song thrush and Stonechat. Two Sparrowhawks hunting. House martin 600 W, Swallow 170 and 30 W, Meadow pipit 13 W, Pied wagtail 4 W, Grey wagtail 3 W, Yellow wagtail 1 W, Chaffinch 19 W, Reed bunting 11 in and Siskin 21 W 4 E.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR A Cattle egret (and another individual N at 13hrs), twelve Water rails, 400 House martins, 120 Swallows, 42 Chiffchaffs, 21 Blackcaps, 15 Stonechats, 50 Meadow pipits, singles of Yellow wagtail, Reed warbler and Sand martin. Linnet 34 W, Siskin 13 NW, Skylark 5 W, Rook 2 W, Pied wagtail 6 W and Grey wagtail 3 W.

North’s Seat 8.45 AG Two Spotted flycatchers, 19 Chiffchaffs, six Robins and four Blackcaps. Dunnock 3 overhead, Jay 3 NW and Song thrush 1 N.

Barley-Covehurst  9.55 AG 30 House martins, 90 Meadow pipits, 40 Linnets, twelve Chiffchaffs, three Blackcaps and singles of Stonechat and Wheatear. Swallow 80 and 130 E and Jay 2 N.

Passage notes

Mainly clear with light breezes and becoming warm after a chilly night.

September 24th additional notes;- Fairlight cliff 18.00 AP Swallow 100 E in 5 minutes.


September 25th

Fairlight cliff 6.30-8 AP Three Chiffchaffs and singles of Song thrush, Blackcap, Wheatear and Reed bunting. Meadow pipit 20 and 18 W, House martin 240 E and Siskin 7 E. A probable Buzzard W at sea.

Fairlight cliff-Barley-Stade 8-11.15 AP 22 Chiffchaffs, seven Blackcaps, a Yellow wagtail, 200 House martins and ten Swallows.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR A Cattle egret, three Yellow wagtails, two Sedge warblers, eighteen Blackcaps, 26 Chiffchaffs, 15 Chaffinches, 120 Swallows and 600 House martins. Siskin 15 NW, Meadow pipit 120 and 64 W, Skylark 1 W and Grey wagtail 2 W.

West Hill 8.20 AG six Chiffchaffs.

Cemetery The Ridge 9.25 AG Three Spotted flycatchers and eight Chiffchaffs.

St Helens Down 11 AG Two Spotted flycatchers, fifteen Blackcaps and nine Chiffchaffs.

Hastings pm AG Buzzard 2 singles thermalling at height over the coast along with a Sparrowhawk. Swallow 150 E.


Recent notes

A tale of two halves with drenching rain on a cold northerly on the 23rd, then clearing in the late afternoon and a clear cold night to follow, hoar frost in Combe Haven Valley, with today a variable northerly breeze, some hazy cloud but mainly clear and warming in the sun.

23rd September

Fairlight cliff 16-17.00 AP. 40 House martins and a Marsh harrier E at sea.

Rockanore evening MG 150 House martins and 40 House martins at South Saxons.

Mount Pleasant midday AG An adult Hobby flying through N. 80 House martins.


September 24th

Fairlight cliff 6.20-7.40 AP Three Chiffchaffs. Meadow pipit 71 W, Siskin 26 E and 3 W, House martin 215 W, Reed bunting 7 in/W and Blackcap 1 in then W.

West Hill 6.45 AG 80 House martins and a Chiffchaff. Meadow pipit 6 in/W. A further 40 House martins at All Saints.

West Hill 14-15.00 MG Six Chiffchaffs, two Blackcaps and 30 Swallows. Common buzzard 1 thermalling then W.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR A Cattle egret and two Green sandpipers. 45 Blackcaps, 52 Chiffchaffs, singles of Reed warbler and Sedge warbler. Skylark 2 W, Siskin 18 NW, Swallow 68 W, House martin 400 and 120 W, Sand martin 3 W, Meadow pipit 120 and 480 W, Grey wagtail 2 W and Yellow wagtail 3 W.

North’s Seat 7.25 AG A Ring ousel departed W. 22 Chiffchaffs, eleven Blackcaps, two Spotted flycatchers, eight Meadow pipits and 6in/W, Linnet 14 W, Five Song thrushes with two departing high N. Six Mistle thrushes. Dunnock 1 N.

Coastguards-Warren Glen-Barley-Covehurst 8.30-13.00 AG 45 Chiffchaffs, 31 Blackcaps, two Lesser whitethroats, eight Robins, 180 Linnets, sixteen Stonechats on and 2 coming in off the sea together. One Mistle thrush, Meadow pipit 32 and 136  in/W, a Reed bunting, two Sand martins and two Wheatears. Rock pipit 1 W, Jackdaw 31 W, Rook 7 W 2 N, Carrion crow 9 W, Swallow 30 and 380 W, House martin 310 and 580 W. Great spotted woodpecker 1 W. Kestrel 2 juveniles thermalling high over coast. A juvenile Hobby hunting insects over Ecclesbourne. Chaffinch 3 in/W.


Late summer colours

Winchelsea and Rye harbour to Dungeness 17th-21st September


Passage today

Overcast with a light westerly. Showers over the Channel but mostly dry until late morning rain setting in.

Fairlight cliffs 6.30-8 AP Meadow pipit 130 on and 1,535 W, Tree pipit 1 W, Grey wagtail 5 W, Yellow wagtail 14 W, Pied wagtail 4 W, House martin 80 W, Swallow 80 W, Chiffchaff 2in/W, Siskin 10 W and Reed bunting 2 W.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR A Cattle egret, Green sandpiper and Gadwall. 32 Chiffchaffs, 21 Blackcaps, three Whitethroats, a Reed warbler and Wheatear. Two Whinchats and three Stonechats. Meadow pipit 140 W, Yellow wagtail 5 and 20 W, Pied wagtail 3 W, Tree pipit 3 W, Swallow 160 W, Sand martin 15 W and House martin 120 W. Siskin 8 NW.

West Hill 6.25 – 11.25 AG Five Wheatears. Meadow pipit 1,534 W or NW between 6.25 and 8.25 and a further 2,163 from 8.25 to 11.25. Kestrel 1 W, Little egret 2 W, Great spotted woodpecker 1 W and 1 in/W, Pied wagtail 12 W, Grey wagtail 1 W, Yellow wagtail 1 W, Swallow 190 W, House martin 254 W, Sand martin 14 W, Chaffinch 7 W, Dunnock 1 in, Linnet 18 W, Chiffchaff 2 in/W


Recent notes

prolonged strong westerly or southwesterly winds.


September 19th

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR Two Cattle egrets, seventeen Chiffchaffs, eleven Blackcaps, 21 Meadow pipits and four Whinchats. Yellow wagtail 3 and 5 W, Grey wagtail 6 W and Swallow 56 W.

Fairlight CG 7.40-9.15 RF AG Two Chiffchaffs. Passage W of Swallow 736, House martin 97, Sand martin 4, Linnet 3 and Meadow pipit 23.


September 20th

Galley Hill 7-10 SR Swallow 26 W.


September 21st

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR A Cattle egret, Sixteen Chiffchaffs, two Sedge warblers, nine Blackcaps, two Sand martins and three Whinchats. Passage of Swallow 52 W, Yellow wagtail 3 and 2 W, Grey wagtail 2 W and Meadow pipit 25 and 11 W.

Fairlight cliffs 6.40-8.10 AP Three Chiffchaffs. Passage W of Swallow 270, House martin 210, Meadow pipit 72, Grey wagtail 4 and Siskin 3.

Fairlight cliffs to Barley Lane 8.10-11 AP One Whitethroat and three Chiffchaffs. Passage W of Swallow 20, House martin 20, Meadow pipit 70 and Siskin 5.

Fairlight CG 7.20-9.10 RF AG One Chiffchaff. Passage W of Swallow 308, House martin 355, Sand martin 1, Meadow pipit 160, Grey wagtail 5, Chaffinch 4, Linnet 4 and Siskin 3.