Archive | October 2018

Passage note

S or SE wind variable cloud.


Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR Fourteen Blackbirds, 60 Song thrushes, two Redwings, 300 Woodpigeons and seven Chiffchaffs. Siskin 11 NE, Redpoll 2 NE 12 E, Woodlark 1 NE, House sparrow 2 E and Brambling 1 NE.

West Hill 6.40 AG Goldfinch 10 E.

North’s Seat – Barley 7.30 AG Fourteen Blackbirds, six Song thrushes and a Goldcrest. Goldfinch 8 E.

Hastings 9.40-12 AG Occasional notes of finch sp 72 E and Goldfinch 75 E.



Light drizzle at first. A fresh cold N to NW wind and overcast. Reports of continuous heavy rain and strong northerlies over the Dover straits and pas de Calais thought to be the cause of a marked absence of diurnal passage today.

Combe Haven Country Park 7 SR A Fieldfare.

Galley Hill 7.15 SR Skylark 1 E.

Fairlight cliff 6.50 AP Pied wagtail 2 in and Mistle thrush 1 in.

North’s Seat-Barley-East Hill 6.25-8.30 Blackbird 31 and 2 N, Redwing 1 W and Song thrush 3 over. Starling 70 W, Chaffinch 8 N, Pied wagtail 2 NE and Common gull 2 W.


Passage today

Cold NNEf4 3/8ths.

Fairlight cliff 7-8.50 AP Snipe 1 E along clifftop, Brambling 1 E, Goldfinch 50 E, Redpoll 5 E, Siskin 15 E, Starling 5 in/W, Reed bunting 1 W and Skylark 2 W.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR Five Chiffchaffs. Redwing 10 and 6 N, Blackbird 12 and 4 N, Song thrush 36 and 20 over, Fieldfare 2 and 3 W, Crossbill 1 E, Siskin 26 NE, Redpoll 5 NE, Chaffinch 22 NW and Brambling 12 NW and 1 NE.

North’s Seat 6.30 AG Blackbird 6 and 3 N.

West Hill-Cemetery The Ridge 7.10-10.30 AG Ten Blackbirds. Starling 56 N and 40 W, Chaffinch 90 N and 8 E, Song thrush 9 over, Goldfinch 3 E and Common gull 1 N.


NNE 4-6 strengthening before easing a bit in the afternoon. Cold though often sunny with variable cloud after some lightning early on.

Galley Hill 7-10 SR Peregrine 1 W, Sparrowhawk 1 in, Skylark 3 in, Goldfinch 33 E, Lapwing 18 E, Linnet 19 E 1 in, Knot 1 E, Dunlin 11 E and Meadow pipit 1 in 8 W.

East Hill 7.45-10.15 AG Five Blackbirds, two Song thrushes and a Stonechat. Starling 119 in/W, Chaffinch 40 in, Woodlark 3 in with Chaffinches, Brambling 1 in, Meadow pipit 3 in, Skylark 11 in, Reed bunting 1 E, Redpoll 2 E, Goldfinch 35 E, Linnet 1 W, Woodpigeon 3 in. A flock of eight Mediterranean gulls N.

Hastings town pm AG Several flocks of gulls passing low NE over the town in the mid afternoon with Thirteen Mediterranean Gulls and ten Black-headed gulls and a flock of fourteen Great black-backed gulls.

Passage notes

October 26th WNWf4 8/8ths.

Combe Haven Country Park southern side 7.30-8 SR A Tufted duck and six Water rails. Siskin 1 NE.

North’s Seat-Barley-East Hill 6.50-9.40 AG Eight Blackbirds, three Song thrushes and 1 N, Meadow pipit 11 NW, Goldfinch 10 E, Linnet 8 E and Reed bunting 1 W.


October 27th NNWf4 3/8ths cold.

Combe Haven Country Park 7.15-10.15 SR A Green sandpiper, four Chiffchaffs and a Stonechat. Redpoll 8 E, Siskin 18 E, Fieldfare 1 S and Crossbill 15 E.

West Hill 7.30-8.30 AG Goldfinch 53 E, Pied wagtail 6 E, Chaffinch 1 in and Skylark 1 in.

Coastguards-Barley 9.10 AG 21 Stock doves, 90 Linnets, a Fieldfare and Reed bunting. Song thrush 1 E and Chaffinch 19 N.

Passage note

Light NW often clear and a cold morning.  Frost in Combe Haven again.

Combe Haven Country Park eastern side 7-10.20 SR 40 Song thrushes, one Redwing, five Chiffchaffs and three Goldcrests. Siskin 14 NE, Fieldfare 1 S and Crossbill 2 W.

Glyne Gap 12-1 SR Two Chiffchaffs and five Water rails.

West Hill 7.40-8.25 AG Two Song thrushes. Pied wagtail 7 E 2 in, Goldfinch 6 E 5 in, Chaffinch 5 in and Woodpigeon 3 W.



WNWf3 2/8ths becoming warm.

Combe Haven Country Park southern side 7-8 SR Four Chiffchaffs, two Stonechats, eight Meadow pipits, three Water rails and a Bearded tit. Golden plover 1 N and Siskin 4 W.

West Hill 7.20-9 AG Goldfinch 25 E, Meadow pipit 10 W, Pied wagtail 8 and 7 W, Linnet 7 W, Starling 3 W and Great spotted woodpecker 1 W.

Passage today

NW3 clouding over at times

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR Four Song thrushes, a Fieldfare, five Chiffchaffs, 24 Meadow pipits, eight Stonechats, a Redwing and two Water pipits. Eight Gadwall and eleven Wigeons. Chaffinch 5 W, Siskin 14 NE and Redpoll 6 NE.

West Hill 7.10-9 AG Pied wagtail 4 W 3 E, Goldfinch 17 W 18 E, Chaffinch 1 in, Starling 10 W, Black-headed gull 5 N, Skylark 3 NW, Woodlark 2 NW, Meadow pipit 1 NW and Rook 3 E.

Passage notes

3/8ths and a chilly NEf5.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-8 SR A Chiffchaff and a Song thrush.

Galley Hill 8.15-10 SR A Chiffchaff. Goldfinch 322 E, Linnet 45 E, Siskin 14 E, Meadow pipit 9 E and Pied wagtail 2 E.

North’s Seat-Covehurst 6.55-9.05 AG Ten Blackbirds and four Song thrushes. Goldfinch 275 E, Pied wagtail 2 W 9 E, Linnet 20 and 73 E, Siskin 19 E, Stock dove 14 E, Reed bunting 2 in, Chaffinch 9 in and Skylark 1 in.

Passage notes

Mild and calm, mainly sunny though a bank of sea mist hiding Beachy Head.

Combe Haven Country Park 7-10 SR A Lapwing and Green sandpiper. Three Bearded tits, three to five Water pipits, a Marsh harrier with green tags on wings. Two Redpolls, six Stonechats. six Chiffchaffs, two Ring ousels, ten Blackbirds and a Goldcrest. Siskin 23 NE, Jackdaw 8 W, Starling 24 NW, Skylark 5 NW, Song thrush 13 and 5 N.

East Hill 7.30-9.30 AG Three Chiffchaffs, nine Blackbirds and a Song thrush. Goldfinch 28 E, Linnet 12 W, Siskin 5 W, Pied wagtail 1 E and 10 W. Magpie 4 W. Rook 5 E, Collared dove 2 E and Stock Dove 2 E. A single Woodpigeon W. Skylark 1 in. Meadow pipit 11in/E.